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SuperLock Caters to the Demands of Lesieur

A plastic container with excellent barrier protection for long shelf-life. A see through area and a great design without the risk of breakage. This was what French Lesieur was looking for, and found in SuperLock.

For a new premium range of special spreads Lesieur, a French leader in processed food, now uses SuperLock. When introduced to the outstanding qualities of SuperLock, Lesieur realised that this packaging offered the features they had been looking for without finding it anywhere else.

The company was keen to launch their new products for cooking and for making appetisers in a plastic container suitable for restaurants in particular. In professional kitchens safety is important and so there was a need to offer a pot without the risk of broken glass.

It was important for the packaging to withstand autoclaving and keep the oxygen transmission at a minimum rate to offer products with a guaranteed shelf -life of atleast 1 year.

The design of SuperLock came with an important advantage with a twist-off lid to ensure trouble-free opening and re-closure. Being straight sided, it was easy to empty.

For further details please contact:
RPC Superfos, Denmark

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