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First Manufacturer of Filter Discs in India

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Brueckner Seebach Filter Solutions India is looking back to the first two years of manufacturing filter elements in India. The joint venture of the two German technology leaders Brückner Group and Seebach GmbH started production in 2010 and was the first company to manufacture filter discs in India.

With the most modern equipment to manufacture filter elements, the production facility of Brueckner Seebach Filter Solutions, close to Pune, India, is unique in whole Asia (in India). The product spectrum includes all kinds of filter candles, whether pleated or not, filter discs, filter screens, filter gaskets and special design filter elements. Each filter element being manufactured undergoes several quality inspection steps, including a so-called bubble-point test. The marking of each filter element for tracing back the manufacturing data is also part of the standard routine, because exact weight records make the verification of good cleaning procedures easier.

With regards filteration, as the filter elements in filtration systems only amount to a fraction of the total investment and operating costs, their performance is crucial to the quality of products and overall productivity. Brueckner Seebach Filter Solutions India designs and manufactures filter elements with the highest precision and the best materials. They offer maximum reliability, long service cycles and the right filtration grade for each product.

For filtration in film production, in most chemical processes, filtration is the heart of production, a process that decides over excellent or poor quality of the final product. Especially in the process of biaxially oriented film production, with its film thicknesses of sometimes just a few microns and its demand for highest cleanliness, e.g. when it comes to optical applications, a thorough melt filtration is vital for success.

But not just quality is at stake in this process, also the productivity of the whole film production plays a major role. Today’s fully automated film stretching lines run on a 24/7 base almost throughout the whole year. Beside the major annual or semi-annual maintenance stops, only the need for filter changes causes a frequent interruption of the production. Filter elements, which do not just provide an excellent filtration quality, but also a long service time between the replacement or cleaning intervals, can add a significant value to the bottom line.

For further details please contact:
Brückner Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

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