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BASF presents Optimised Neopor Plus

BASF is continuously developing its Neopor® product range. With a declared lambda value of 0.030 W/m*K, the optimised insulating material Neopor Plus (EPS, expandable polystyrene) now provides the best rated value for thermal conductivity for EPS insulating materials in Europe – coupled with efficient use of material. According to the current German standard, with Neopor Plus it is possible to achieve a thermal conductivity of 0.031 W/m*K with bulk densities of less than 20 kg/m3. By comparison, the thermal conductivity of standard white EPS of a similar bulk density, is markedly inferior with 0.035 W/m*K.

The high-performance insulating material Neopor Plus is thus an economical solution for insulating flat roofs, for example. ‘With the combination of the properties of Neopor Plus – high compressive strength coupled with low thermal conductivity – we offer along with our partners a product which is optimised for this type of roof’, says Gregor Haverkemper, Product Management for Neopor at BASF. When it comes to the insulation of flat roofs, the insulating material Neopor Plus is a cost-efficient solution when sealed with an average compressive stress (DAA dm) in accordance with DIN V 4108-10 with a load of 100 kilopascals.

In general, EPS offers a persuasive choice compared with other insulating materials for flat roof insulation - when water infiltrates, draining and sealing are possible without any problems; no irritant dusts are released during processing. Particularly when designing a sloping roof for the purpose of draining off surface water, it is advisable to use EPS insulation panels - insulation panels made from Neopor can be customised to fit any desired slope.

However, external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS) remain the most widespread application of Neopor insulating materials. The optimised Neopor Plus also offers advantages when it is used in ETICS thanks to its improved insulating performance. The insulating performance allows a lower thickness of panel and thus greater flexibility for planners and architects.

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BASF Corporation, USA

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