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Spartanics L-500 High Speed Laser Cutting System

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Spartanics is proud to introduce the L-500 Laser Cutting System designed to laser cut rolls or sheets of material for the label, packaging, carton board and abrasive industries. The L-500 is designed specifically for converting material from wide format printers with capabilities up to 500-600mm wide eliminating the need for costly tooling fabrication and design. Developed as a dualhead finishing solution the L-500 Laser Cutting System incorporates Spartanics best-in-class laser control software for superior cut quality while reaching throughput speeds up to 80 meters per minute.

‘The majority of our label and packaging machines work in tandem with digital printing and flexo systems where 210mm or 350mm are standard sizes. Expanding width requirements in the packaging sector as well as more innovative solutions from digital printing companies have pushed us to develop a wider format laser converting solution,’ says Mike Bacon VP, Sales and Marketing.

Laser cutting systems have become an extension of the ‘lean manufacturing’ philosophy that many label and packaging manufacturers are adopting by eliminating tooling investments, reducing scrap material and cutting down significantly on pre-press and production line changeover times. Like every Spartanics laser cutting machine model, the L-500 automates optimisation of web speed, eliminates quality issues in applications that require stitching cuts from two laser sources, enables job changeovers on-the-fly and is widely recognised as the most operatorfriendly technology due to its intuitive operator interface and behind-the-scenes sophisticated control engineering software.

Spartanics L-500 High Speed Laser Cutting Machines incorporate UV coating stations, lamination, slitting and sheeting options for converting polyester, polycarbonate, polypropylene, metalised paper, some vinyl and a wide range of other materials. Like other Spartanics Laser Cutting Machines, only sealed CO2 supplies are used to power lasers, both to minimise costs for CO2 and to avoid the inherent quality issues of open CO2 delivery systems.

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