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Handbook of Plastic Optics

Author: Stefan Bäumer (Editor)

Published:  February, 2010

Publisher: Wiley Press

Price:  US $ 175.00 

A coherent overview of the current status of injection moulded optics, describing in detail all aspects of plastic optics, from design issues to production technology and quality control. This updated second edition is supplemented by a chapter on the equipment and process of injection wells as well as a look at recent applications.

The contributors, each one a leading expert in their discipline, have either a background in or strong ties to the industry, thus combining a large amount of practical experience.

With its focus firmly set on practical applications, this is an indispensable reference for all those working in optics research and development.

Table of Contents
• Introduction
• Optomechanics of Plastic Optical Components
• Tooling
• Metrology of Injection Moulded Optics
• Optical Plastics
• Coating on Plastic
• Injection Moulding Equipment and Process
• Cost Model of Injection Moulded Optics
• Applications

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