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Polymer Materials: Macroscopic Properties and Molecular Interpretations

Author: Jean Louis Halary, Francoise Laupretre, Lucien Monnerie

Published On: March, 2011

Publisher: Wiley

Price: US $124.95

This book takes a unique, multi-scale approach to the mechanical properties of polymers, covering both the macroscopic and molecular levels. Based on the authors’ extensive research and writing in the field, Polymer Materials emphasises the relationships between the chemical structure and the mechanical behaviour of polymer materials, providing authoritative guidelines for assessing polymer performance under different conditions and the design of new materials.

• Experimental results on selected examples precede and reinforce the development of theoretical features.
• In-depth discussions of a limited number of polymer systems instead of a brief overview of many.
• Self-contained chapters with a summary of their key points.
• Comprehensive problems and a solutions manual for the different parts of the book.
• Coverage of the basics with an emphasis on polymer dynamics.

An indispensable resource for polymer scientists and students alike, Polymer Materials is also highly useful for material scientists, engineers, chemists and physicists in the industry and academia.

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