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Polymer Brushes: Substrates, Technologies and Properties

Author: Vikas Mittal

Published On: March, 2012

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: £108.00

Polymer Brushes: Substrates, Technologies and Properties covers various aspects of polymer brush technology including synthesis, properties, performance and applications. It presents both, experimental details and theoretical insights to enable a better understanding of the brush system.

After an overview of polymer brush systems, the book discusses methods for grafting organic brushes from the surface of clay platelets and for the covalent grafting of PNIPAm brushes. It then describes ferrocene polymer brushes, non-fouling brushes on poly(ethylene terephthalate) film surfaces, brushes formed on the inner surface of cylindrical pores and the ‘zipper brush’ approach. The author examines the use of scanning electrochemical microscopy for analysing brushes and compare surface-controlled atom transfer radical polymerisation and surface-controlled single-electron transfer living radical polymerisation. They also explore the application of polymer brushes in the chromatographic separations of viruses and proteins and the suppression of proteins and cell adhesions. The text concludes with a look at how polymer brushes are synthesised by surface-initiated iniferter-mediated polymerisation.

This book provides a one-stop reference on the various substrates and technologies used to synthesise polymer brushes. The hands-on information in the text will help readers choose the proper synthesis methods and materials for their system.

• Discusses recent advances in the synthesis and characterisation of polymer brushes
• Presents introductory information for newcomers to the field
• Covers both, theoretical and experimental works
• Includes examples of many different polymer brush and substrate systems

Table of Contents
• Polymer Brushes: An Overview
• Grafting of Organic Brushes on the Surface of Clay Platelets
• Collapse, Compression, and Adhesion of Poly(N-Isopropylacrylamide) Brushes
• Ferrocene-Functionalised Polymer Brushes: Synthesis and Applications
• Preparation and Characterisation of Non-fouling Polymer Brushes on Poly(Ethylene Terephthalate) Film Surfaces
• Formation of Polymer Brushes inside Cylindrical Pores
• Polymer Brushes through Adsorption: From Early Attempts to the Ultra-Dense and Reversible ‘Zipper Brush’
• Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy: Principles and Applications for the Manipulation of Polymer Brushes
• Comparison of Surface-Confined ATRP and SET-LRP Syntheses of Polymer Brushes
• Stimulus-Responsive Polymer Brushes on Polymer Particles’ Surfaces and Applications
• Well-Defined Concentrated Polymer Brushes of Hydrophilic Polymers: Suppression of Protein and Cell Adhesions
• Polymer Brushes by Surface-Initiated Iniferter-Mediated Polymerisation

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