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Functional Polymer Films, 2 Volume Set

Author: Wolfgang Knoll and Rigoberto. C. Advincula

Published: June 2011 

Publisher: Wiley

Price: US $395.00

Write-up: Very thin film materials have emerged as highly interesting and useful quasi 2D-state functionality. They have given rise to numerous applications ranging from protective and smart coatings to electronics, sensors and display technology as well as serving biological, analytical and medical purposes. The tailoring of polymer film properties and functions has become a major research field.As opposed to the traditional treatise on polymer and resin-based coatings, this one-stop reference is the first to give readers a comprehensive view of the latest macromolecular and supramolecular film-based nanotechnology. Bringing together all the important facets and state-of-the-art research, the two well-structured volumes cover film assembly and depostion, functionality and patterning and analysis and characterisation. The result is an in-depth understanding of the phenomena, ordering, scale effects, fabrication and analysis of polymer ultrathin films.

This book will be a valuable addition for materials scientists, polymer chemists, surface scientists, bioengineers, coatings specialists, chemical engineers, and scientists working in this important research field and industry.  

Table of Contents
Volume 1: Preparation and Patterning
• Langmuir Monolayers at the Water/Air Interface
• Langmuir/Blodgett/Kuhn Multilayer Assemblies
• Layer-by-Layer Thin Films
• Self-Assembled Monolayers and Multilayers
• Layer-by-Layer Assemblies of Hybrid Materials
• Polymer Brushes: Grafting From
• Polymer Brushes: Grafting To
• Grafted Hydrogels
• Spin-Coated Films
• Block Copolymer Films
• Polymerised Electro-Polymerised Films
• Plasma Deposition
• "Soft Landing"

Volume 2: Characterisation and Applications
• Bio-Functional Interfacial Architectures
• Polymer Thin Films for Drug Delivery
• Patterning by Photolithography
• Nanopatterning of Thin Films by SPM
• Block Copolymer Patterning and Lithography
• Electronanopatterning of Conjugated Polymers
• Electro-Optical Applications of Polymer Thin Films
• Ellipsometry Techniques
• Impedance Analysis
• X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS)
• Nanostuctured Optical Waveguides for Thin Film Characterisation
• Biomimetic Thin Films as a QCM-D Sensor
• Characterisation with the Surface Force Apparatus (SFA)
• Electrochemical-Surface Plasmon Resonance Methods
• Scattering Techniques for Thin Polymer Films
• Biomimetic Thin Films as a QCM-D Sensor Platform

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