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Polyurethane Shape Memory Polymers

Author: W.M. Huang, Bin Yang, Yong Qing Fu

Published On: September, 2011

Publisher:  CRC Press

Price: Rs. £114.00

• Explores fabrication and processing
• Includes coverage of thermomechanical and shape-memory properties
• Provides extensive information on various types of shape memory polymer composites, such as electrically conductive PU SMPs
• Addresses the moisture-responsive phenomenon and characterisation
• Offers broad coverage of recent and developing applications of PU SMPs

Shape memory polymers (SMPs) are some of the most important and valuable engineering materials developed in the last 25 years. These fascinating materials demonstrate remarkably versatile properties including capacity for actuation and stimulus responsiveness, that are enabling technologists to develop applications used to explore everything from the outer reaches of space to the inside of the human body.
Polyurethane Shape Memory Polymers details the fundamentals of SMP makeup, as well as their shape-recovery features and their seemingly endless potential for use in applications ranging from the macro- to submicron scales. With an abundance of illustrations and vivid pictures to explain how SMPs and their composites work and how they can be used, this book covers:
• History and most recent developments in SMPs
• Thermomechanical properties and behaviour of the polymers and their composites
• Modification of SMPs and novel actuation mechanisms
• Large-scale surface pattern generation
• Multi-shape memory effect
• Fabrication techniques
• Characterisation of composites
A must-have reference for anyone working in the materials science and engineering fields, this book outlines the properties such as light weight, low cost and ability to handle high strain that make the easily processed SMPs so useful in fields including aerospace, biomedicine and textiles. It is intended to help readers understand and apply the knowledge and techniques presented to develop new innovations that will further benefit society.

Table of Contents:
• Introduction
• Thermomechanical Behaviour of Polyurethane Shape Memory Polymers
• Effects of Moisture on Glass Transition Temperature and Applications
• Electrically Conductive Polyurethane Shape Memory Polymers
• Effects of Moisture on Electrically Conductive Polyurethane Shape Memory Polymers
• Magnetic and Conductive Polyurethane Shape Memory Polymers
• Shape Memory Polymer Nanocomposites
• Porous Polyurethane Shape Memory Polymers
• Shape Memory Effects at Micro and Nanoscales
• Wrinkling atop Shape Memory Polymers
• Medical Applications of Polyurethane Shape Memory Polymers
• Mechanisms of Multi-Shape and Temperature Memory Effects
• Future of Polyurethane Shape Memory Polymers

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