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Polyurethane Casting Primer

Author: I. R. Clemitson

Published In: December, 2011

Publisher: CRC Press

Price:  £ 99.00

Write-up: Omitting complicated chemistry concepts, Polyurethane Casting Primer presents practical details on the casting of polyurethane products to assist readers in their daily work. It covers fundamental methods, explores hands-on design and production topics and keeps theory to a minimum.

The book fully explains casting and allied processes. Starting from a ‘bucket and paddle mix’ open pour, postcuring machining, bonding and painting, it discusses how to produce quality products continuously. The author describes the necessary precautions for maintaining the health and safety of workers. He covers the properties of polyurethane systems, the tests and results of polyurethanes commonly used in compression, and the correct grade and processing of polyurethanes for meeting customer requirements. He also reveals how to fix issues such as moulding problems and premature end of life.

The versatility of polyurethane enables a wide range of applications, from simple, noncritical parts to vital engineering products. This book guides manufacturers in designing and producing polyurethane products.

• Describes how to successfully produce polyurethane systems in an economical manner
• Discusses the properties and types of polyurethanes
• Covers the QA tests for raw materials and finished products
• Explains how to evaluate ‘flops’ and make necessary corrections
• Examines the health and safety concerns of personnel, such as exposure to isocyanate vapours and the handling of compressed gas lines
• Provides downloadable batch calculations at CRC Press Online

Table of Contents
• Introduction
• Fundamentals
• Mixing and Casting Polyurethanes
• Supplementary (Additional) Casting Processes
• Design Considerations
• Standard Polyurethane Properties
• Testing Polyurethanes
• Quality Control and Assurance Testing
• Standard Tests for Product Evaluation
• Investigations into Structural Properties
• Chemical Resistance
• Polyurethanes under Load
• Flops
• Health and Safety

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