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Colloid Science: Principles, Methods and Applications, 2nd Edition

Author:  Terence Cosgrove

Published In: May, 2010

Publisher: Wiley

Price: US $160.00 

Colloidal systems are important across a range of industries, such as the food, pharmaceutical, agrochemical, cosmetics, polymer, paint and oil industries, and form the basis of a wide range of products (e.g. cosmetics & toiletries, processed foodstuffs and photographic film). A detailed understanding of their formation, control and application is required in those industries, yet many new graduate or postgraduate chemists or chemical engineers have little or no direct experience of colloids.

Based on lectures given at the highly successful Bristol Colloid Centre Spring School, Colloid Science: Principles, Methods and Applications provides a thorough introduction to colloid science for industrial chemists, technologists and engineers. Lectures are collated and presented in a coherent and logical text on practical colloid science.

Table of Contents
• An Introduction to Colloids
• Charge in Colloidal Systems
• Stability of Charge-stabilised Colloids
• Surfactant Aggregation and Adsorption at Interfaces
• Microemulsions
• Emulsions
• Polymers and Polymer Solutions
• Polymers at Interfaces
• Effect of Polymers on Colloid Stability
• Wetting of Surfaces
• Aerosols
• Practical Rheology
• Scattering and Reflection Techniques
• Optical Manipulation
• Electron Microscopy
• Surface Forces

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