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Handbook of Stimuli-Responsive Materials

Author: Marek W. Urban

Published In: February, 2011

Publisher: Wiley

Price: USD 210

Adopting a broad approach, this volume provides the scientific community with a much-needed overview of developments and scientific findings in stimuli-responsive materials. Its primary focus is on the designing, synthesising, formulating and processing of materials that lead to an understanding of the scientific principles governing response driven functions leading to future technologies.

The highly experienced and internationally renowned editor has assembled a team of leading scientists from the interdisciplinary areas of: 
• Polymers
• Biopolymers
• Biochemistry
• Biophysics
• Biomaterials
• Bioengineering
• Materials engineering
• Biotechnology
• Chemistry
• Physics
• Ceramics
• Metals and
• Materials science

A combination that guarantees a unique and high-quality handbook.

Table of Contents
• Synthetic and Physicochemical Aspects of Advanced Stimuli-Responsive Polymers
• Biological- and Field-Responsive Polymers: Expanding Potential in Smart Materials
• Self-Oscillating Gels as Stimuli-Responsive Materials
• Self-Repairing Polymeric Materials
• Stimuli-Driven Assembly of Chromogenic Dye Molecules: A Versatile Approach for the Design of Responsive Polymers
• Switchable Surface Approaches
• Layer-by-Layer Self-Assembled Multilayer Stimuli-Responsive Polymeric Films
• Photorefractive Polymers
• Photochromic Responses in Polymer Matrices
• Covalent Bonding of Functional Coatings on Conductive Materials: The Electrochemical Approach

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