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Polymer Carbon Nanotube Composites: The Polymer Latex Concept

Author: Cor Koning; Marie-Claire Hermant; Nadia Grossiord

Published On: April, 2012

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: £ 95.00

This book provides readers with a comprehensive toolbox for dispersing single-walled and multi-walled carbon nanotubes in thermoplastic polymer matrices. The book starts with an overview of all known techniques for dispersing CNTs in thermoplastic polymers and then concentrates on one of the most versatile techniques known now-a-days: the so-called latex technology. Also discussed are the basic principles of this latex technology, the role of the matrix viscosity on percolation threshold, the importance of the intrinsic CNT quality, the use of ‘smart’ surfactants facilitating electron transport in the final composite, the preparation of highly loaded masterbatches, which can be diluted with virgin polymer by melt-extrusion and some promising potential applications.

• Presents a comprehensive overview of all known methods to disperse CNTs into polymer matrices.
• Discusses great potential of the latex technology for applications in the electrical and electronics industry (anti-statics, EMI shielding, FETs).
• Written by researchers who themselves helped develop the promising latex-based concept for efficiently dispersing CNTs into thermoplastic polymers, rendering conductive polymer materials.
• Includes an extensive bibliography for further reading.

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