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Long-Term Durability of Polymeric Matrix Composites

Author: Pochiraju Kishore V., Tandon Gyaneshwar P., Schoeppner Gregory A. (Eds.)

Published In: September 2011

Publisher: Springer

Price: € 169.95

Write-up: Long-Term Durability of Polymeric Matrix Composites presents a comprehensive knowledge-set of matrix, fibre and inter-phase behaviour under long-term aging conditions, theoretical modeling and experimental methods. This book covers long-term constituent behaviour, predictive methodologies, experimental validation and design practice. Readers will also find a discussion of various applications, including aging air craft structures, aging civil infrastructure, in addition to engines and high temperature applications.

This book also:
• Covers a wide range of polymeric matrix composite application.
• Focuses on the durability and aging of various polymeric matrix composite material.
• Describes micro-mechanical and multi-scale modeling and simulation techniques.

Long-Term Durability of Polymeric Matrix Composites is an ideal book for engineers and materials scientists designing composite structures with long-term durability and damage tolerance requirements.

Table of Contents
• Resin Systems and Chemistry: Degradation Mechanisms and Durability
• Additives, Nanocomposites and Barrier Coatings
• Interphases in Composites
• Modeling of Response of Composite Materials with Damage
• Impact Damage of Composite Structures
• Moisture-Induced Degradation
• Physical Aging in Glasses and Composites
• Mechanisms and Kinetics of Organic Matrix Thermal Oxidation
• Characterisation of Thermo-Oxidation in Laminated and Textile Composites
• Modeling Thermo-Oxidative Aging and Degradation of Composites
• Composite Structures Durability Design and Substantiation
• Durability of Structural Joints
• Durability and Aging of Composite Aircraft Structures
• Durability of Polymer Composites in Power and Propulsion Applications
• Durability of Composites in Aircraft Engine Applications
• Composite Durability and Aging in Civil Infrastructures

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