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Introduction to Polymer Rheology

Author: Montgomery T. Shaw

Published On:  January, 2012

Publisher: Wiley

Price: US $109.95

An Introduction to the Rheology of Polymers, with Simple Math
Designed for practicing scientists and engineers interested in polymer rheology science, education, consulting or research and development; Introduction to Polymer Rheology is a comprehensive yet accessible guide to the study of the deformation and flow of matter under applied stress. Often considered a complicated topic for beginners, the book makes grasping the fundamentals of polymer rheology easy by presenting information in an approachable way and limiting the use of complex mathematics. By doing so, this introductory overview provides readers with easy access to the key concepts underlying the flow behaviour of polymer melts, solutions and suspensions. Incorporating sample problems that are worked through and explained on the page, as well as numerous practice problems to gauge learning comprehension, the book prepares new students and practitioners for moving on to more advanced concepts.

Comprising of twelve chapters, the book covers stress, velocity and rate of deformation, the relationship between stress and rate of deformation (Newtonian fluid), generalised Newtonian fluids, normal stresses and elastic behaviour, experimental methods, small and large strain, the molecular origins of rheological behaviour, elementary polymer processing concepts, quality control in rheology, and the flow of modified polymers and those with supermolecular structure.

The essential reference for accurately interpreting polymer rheology data, Introduction to Polymer Rheology provides readers with an elementary understanding of the key issues and modern approaches to resolving problems in the field.

Table of Contents
• Introduction
• Stress
• Velocity, Velocity Gradient and Rate of Deformation
• Relationship Between Stress and Rate of Deformation: The Newtonian Fluid
• Generalised Newtonian Fluids — A Small but Important Step Towards a Description of Real Behaviour for Polymers
• Normal Stresses—Ordinary Behaviour for Polymers
• Experimental Methods
• Strain, Small and Large
• Molecular Origins Of Rheological Behaviour
• Elementary Polymer Processing Concepts
• Quality-Control Rheology
• Flow of Modified Polymers and Polymers with Supermolecular Structure

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