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Vinyl Institute

Vinyl Institute (
www.vinylinstitute.org) is a website of a US Trade Association representing leading manufacturers of Vinyl, Vinyl Chloride Monomer, Vinyl Additive and Modifiers, and Vinyl Packaging Materials. The website starts with what is vinyl and documents relating to its history, manufacturing processes and the vinyl industry commitment to health, safety and environment. It highlights the uses of vinyl, classified under sectors - construction, medical, packaging, toys, electronics and automotive. Each sector has embedded documents as well as useful links relating to the use of Vinyl in that sector. Energy saving, an environment benefit bought by PVC building products are covered under the environment section which also highlights aspects relating to reduced greenhouse gas emission, durability, recycling water saving and life cycle analysis.

The section on recycling provides access to the Vinyl Recycling Directory as well as Recycled Vinyl Product Manufactures Directory.

A number of publications are available in PDF format for the convenience of reference and use. A unique section includes a tool kit which is a comprehensive resource of education pieces relating to Vinyl.

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