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Polybutene Piping Systems Association (PBPSA)

 The purpose of the websiteof The Polybutene Piping Systems Association (PBPSA) ( is to provide information on all aspects of the performance and utilisation of sustainable polybutylene piping systems in building applications.

It is intended to be an interactive site and of benefit to all professions and organisations associated with the design, specification and installation of environmentally efficient heating and plumbing systems for all types of building projects.

The website provides information on the applications of the thermoplastic material called Polybutene-1 (commonly referred to as polybutylene) for the manufacture of piping systems to be used in heating and plumbing installations. The applications have been categorised under the heads of large scale, plumbing, heating and district.

A separate section provides various case studies. Also, the website offers on its benefits and the environmental impact. Another section is on the technical library with ready reference available on various properties and performances.

The website also provides access to technical articles and also listed are a few FAQs.

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