Tuesday, February 28, 2012: 11:27:23 AM

Apinat for Plastic Wrapping Film

After perfecting the formulation of Apinat for use in injection moulding, extrusion of tubes and profiles, both soft and rigid grades, new Apinat formulations are being developed which are ideal for plastic wrapping films.

The new products may be converted using either blown or cast extrusion. With the new formulation of Apinat, it is possible to obtain a film suitable for producing biodegradable plastic shopping bags which can be composted in compliance with both European Standard EN13432 as well as the requirements of Italian law.

The advantages which are most immediately derived from these innovative Apinat formulations are:
• It is very tough, which makes the bags very durable, even when carrying objects with sharp edges which might cut the material.
• Complete absence of unpleasant odours - all ingredients which may cause bad smell have been eliminated from the Apinat formulation.
• The properties of Apinat enable the film thickness to be reduced, resulting in numerous advantages such as reduction in the cost of raw materials as well as reduction in the environmental impact because reduced material thickness, which means faster biodegradation time.

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