Friday, March 02, 2012: 11:37:18 AM

Clariant Adds Anti-microbial Masterbatches to MEVOPUR® Family

Clariant announced the addition of anti-microbial masterbatches based on MedX anti-microbial agents from SANITIZED® AG to its dedicated MEVOPUR® range, to support the development of medical devices with surfaces that are active against bacteria. Independent testing of the active ingredients by Sanitized has shown them to be effective against antibiotic resistant strains.

The development responds to the increased need for anti-microbials in applications such as surgical instruments, catheters, connectors for tubing, and in-line filters to help reduce the transmission of bacteria that are potential causes of secondary infection. It has been noted in publications that there is a serious risk of death from catheter-related nosocomial infection. There is also increasing interest in evaluating anti-microbials for pharmaceutical packaging, such as inhalers and ophthalmic solutions.

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