Wednesday, March 07, 2012: 04:40:25 PM

Cereplast Introduces Next Generation Hybrid Resins

Cereplast, Inc. says it has introduced the next generation of Cereplast Hybrid Resins®, an expansion of the Biopropylene® PP-based resin product offering through two new bioplastic resin grades, Hybrid 102D and 105D.

The company adds that Cereplast Hybrid Resins replace upto 50% of the petroleum content in traditional plastic products with biobased materials such as starches from annually renewable plants. Cereplast Hybrid Resins are said to be suitable for durable goods, including consumer products, interior automotive parts and furniture and with a lower carbon footprint than traditional plastics. The new grades Hybrid 102D and Hybrid 105D are both injection moulding grades.

Cereplast's Biopropylene PP-based resin consists of polypropylene encapsulating starch particles and includes Hybrid 101, Hybrid 102D and Hybrid 105D. In addition to providing a lower carbon footprint than traditional PP, the company highlights that many of the desirable PP properties are maintained including chemical resistance, mould shrinkage, mould flow, surface appearance, heat deflection temperature and hinge performance. Hybrid 102D is a formulation that offers higher starch content than Hybrid 101, while maintaining similar performance. The primary application is injection moulding requiring some ductility. Hybrid 105D is a high flow injection moulding grade for thinner wall applications than Hybrid 101 and replaces Hybrid 103, providing more consistent properties and processing. All Hybrid grades are FDA compliant for direct food contact.

‘As demand for bioplastic resins grow, so does the demand for high-performance durable grades that are cost effective’, said Chairman and CEO of Cereplast, Frederic Scheer. ‘As the price of oil continues to rise, Cereplast Hybrid Resins get closer to parity with traditional plastics, providing an affordable, eco-friendly solution for companies that wish to reduce their environmental impact’, he added.

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