Thursday, March 22, 2012: 12:17:39 PM

World’s Largest Bottle-to-Bottle Plastic Recycling Plant from carbonLITE

carbonLITE, a producer of bottle-grade raw material used to make new bottles, has opened the world’s largest bottle-to-bottle plastic recycling plant located in Riverside, CA. The plant will recover more than two billion plastic PET bottles annually from California’s Curbside and Redemption Value programmes.

‘carbonLITE is using high-tech innovations to bring used plastic back to food grade quality’, says Jared Blumenfeld, Regional Administrator, EPA Pacific Southwest. ‘By recycling two billion PET bottles (12 fl oz) every year, this cutting-edge facility is helping America save 48 million gallons of gas. This is a model of resource recovery and economic development’.

Previously, most plastic bottles collected in California were exported to China and downcycled into polyester fibre. carbonLITE is changing that, and bringing both this valuable resource and jobs back to the State. carbonLITE is able to do this with the support of their customers like PepsiCo and Nestle Waters while helping both companies achieve their sustainability goals.

carbonLITE specialises in processing used plastic bottles into bottle-grade PET pellets that can then be used to manufacture new plastic beverage bottles. This conserves virgin resources, reduces landfills, and capitalises on the energy already invested in making existing plastic products.

Products made using PET resin are recyclable and highly sustainable. PET can be recycled numerous times, turning bottles back into bottles. The PET resin offered by carbonLITE will have been processed using a method that has received an LNO (letter of non-objection) from the FDA, allowing it to be used at levels up to 100 per cent recycled content in the manufacture of PET bottles and containers for direct contact with all food types under cold fill and hot fill conditions.

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