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Sumitomo Chemical - Singapore, further strengthens its PMMA market in India with J P Plaschem

J P Plaschem to add significant value to Sumitomo Chemical PMMA  (SUMIPEX) market in India.

With a presence for over 14 years in India, Sumitomo Chemical –Singapore, today enjoys a position of leadership in the Indian PMMA market. In order to consolidate and grow further, Sumitomo Chemical – Singapore has aligned with J P Plaschem, Mumbai.

J P Group presents a single-stop-solution for customers as Lumax Industries Ltd, Varroc, Minda, Fiem etc; providing a significant value add to the business of SUMIPEX PMMA, the Acrylic resin from Sumitomo.

SUMIPEX PMMA, The Acrylic resin from Sumitomo Chemical - Japan, is produced by their wholly owned subsidiary Sumitomo Chemical Singapore at their Singapore plant with the Sumitomo technology. With sales of over 1 lakh metric tonnes per year across the globe, SUMIPEX PMMA is a global product across a diverse spectrum of applications.

SUMIPEX PMMA (Acrylic) is a synthetic polymer of methylmethacrylate. It is an amorphous, hard & stiff, transparent and colourless thermoplastic commonly known as acrylic glass or acrylic.

SUMIPEX PMMA (acrylic) has outstanding characteristics like exceptional clarity, very good weather resistance (UV Stability), good abrasion resistance (scratch resistance), very good luster (shine), good colourability etc. These properties have significantly contributed to the growing consumption of SUMIPEX PMMA over the years.

SUMIPEX Acrylic Resin: The Alternate to Glass
SUMIPEX acrylic resin is a very popular alternate to glass due to the following properties:
• Does not shatter like glass
• Is typically processed at a lower temperature than glass.
• Has better light transmittance than glass.
• Is less denser than glass
• SUMIPEX Acrylic Resin is RoHS compliant and FDA approvedand is thus used for food contact applications like jugs, glasses bowls etc.
• Application Areas: Extrusion, Optics, Automotive, Electrical, Office Equipment, Medical, Houseware, Barware, Bathroom, Fashion, Screen Makers, Sound Barriers etc

SUMIPEX Acrylic Resin: Advantages
• Closest acrylic plant to India.
• Very short lead time.
• The largest single location plant with a per year production of over 1 lakh MT.
• R&D centre in Japan and Singapore.
• Entire raw material supplies through pipeline, hence no contamination.
• Injection (auto, general purpose and optical), extrusion (general purpose and optical) grades available.
• Lower import duty due to Free Trade Agreement.
• Local supply through distributor stock points across the country.

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