Wednesday, May 09, 2012: 11:20:38 AM

Baby Food Pack is an Award Winner

A breakthrough in baby food packaging by Heinz Italy S.p.A, using barrier sheet from RPC Cobelplast, has been awarded a packaging ‘Oscar’ in the Oscar dell’Imballaggio 2012. Organised by the Italian Institute of Packaging, these annual awards celebrate the best in innovation and technical excellence throughout the industry.

The new plastic baby food tub has been recognised for its cost-effective sustainability benefits, with a reduction in weight of 85% compared to the more traditional packaging of a glass jar and metal cap. This has helped to reduce by approximately half the plastic pack’s carbon emissions during production and transportation. In addition, it offers enhanced functionality and extended shelf-life.

The pack is thermoformed using RPC Cobelplast’s PP/EVOH/PP barrier sheet, which delivers effective protection against oxygen ingress to allow an ambient shelf-life of up to 12 months. A snap on lid provides the convenience of easy reclosing after opening. The aseptic filling process ensures both, the safety of the food as well as maintaining its taste and quality.

RPC says plastic tubs are increasing in popularity for baby food applications as they are user-friendly, microwavable for convenient reheating and their shatterproof properties enhance consumer safety. The material’s flexibility also enables a wide range of design options to be created, including ergonomic cup shapes that allow parents to feed their child directly from the pack. Both, transparent versions and different colours for branding purposes can be specified.

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