Monday, May 14, 2012: 01:23:54 PM

SABIC Wins Seven Coveted ACC Responsible Care Energy Efficiency Awards

SABIC’s Innovative Plastics business was recognised by the American Chemistry Council (ACC) for its extensive world-class programmes designed to improve energy efficiency, taking seven Responsible Care® Energy Efficiency Awards, including three for its Mount Vernon, Indiana manufacturing facility. This accomplishment marks the second consecutive year in which SABIC’s sustainability initiatives have been honoured by the ACC.

‘We are honoured to receive the ACC Responsible Care Energy Efficiency Awards as we continue to build our sustainability programmes with strong and steadily increasing focus, resources and commitment’, says Mike Walsh, General Manager, Resins Operations, Innovative Plastics, SABIC. ‘SABIC works continuously to minimise its operational footprint by reducing carbon intensity, improving energy and water use and increasing material efficiency’.

The seven Responsible Care Awards presented to SABIC recognise a variety of innovative projects to reduce energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce waste disposal.

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