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Braskem's Green Plastic to support ‘Limpa Brasil 2012’

Garbage bags made from Braskem's Green Plastic will be distributed to voluteers in the first edition of the litter cleanup project ‘Limpa Brasil Let's Do It!’. Thousands of volunteers will be invited to scour the city to collect any litter found on public streets. Braskem, producer of thermoplastic resins in the Americas and the world leader in biopolymers, is one of the sponsors of the event which will be held on 27th June, 2012 in the city of São Paulo.

Braskem, in partnership with Embalixo, will provide the plastic bags used by the volunteer cleanup teams. The bags are made from green polyethylene, a green plastic made from sugarcane. The main advantage of green plastic is its production process, which captures up to 2.5 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of plastic produced.

The Limpa Brasil Let's Do It! project, which was brought to Brazil through a partnership with UNESCO, has already been implemented in 20 countries. In Brazil, the cleanup event will be held every two years. The movement aims to raise awareness among the general public of the problems associated with the improper disposal of garbage. The campaign helps encourage a shift in people's attitudes regarding solid waste in order to benefit the environment. The garbage bags will be distributed to volunteers through the bank branches of Banco do Brasil.

‘Getting people involved in movements such as Limpa Brasil is crucial for enabling the country to make concrete progress on the path to sustianability. Braskem is always looking for ways to contribute effectively to sustainable development and green plastic is one of the main symbols of this effort’, says Jorge Soto, Director of Sustainable Development, Braskem.

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