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Clariant Highlights Cutting-edge Additives in India

Clariant highlights its new range of waxes, light stabilizers and flame retardants designed for quality performance, ease of processing and overall sustainability.

Ceridust®, Licowax® and Licocene® waxes are incorporated in paints, coatings and ink to achieve or improve various properties, including sandability, smoothness, hand feel, anti-scratch and water repellency. The Ceridust grades are micropowders produced via a special process. They can be finely dispersed in paints of different systems, easily and with little mechanical energy. Building on the company’s in-depth understanding of metallocene catalysts and renewables, Clariant has developed its new grade polymer, Licocene, to achieve better performance for the coating and ink industry. Ceridust, Licowax and Licocene are virtually insoluble in water. Hence they are attacked only very slowly by microorganisms in water and cause no significant biological oxygen demand. They are eliminated from the effluent as ballast together with the sludge.

Clariant offers a comprehensive range of light stabilizers for the protection of paints and coatings, covering both solvent- and waterbased systems, and fulfilling most of the industrial requirements. The highly concentrated Hostavin® Dispersions from Clariant ensure an efficient light stabilisation of all kind of water-based coatings. Furthermore, they contribute to gloss and colour stabilisation in many different applications, such as automotive clear coats, industrial coatings, exterior wood finishes and much more. Hostavin Dispersions outstand by its ease of incorporation, superior compatibility and handling.

In addition to the broad range of applications, other benefits are their extended shelf-life due to an optimised formulation, with an improved VOC-related profile which makes them compliant with market regulations. Hostavin Dispersions have a light stabiliser concentration of 52%.

Clariant’s pioneering Exolit® product series offers non-halogenated, non-migrating flame retardants for intumescent coatings and various polymer applications. A highly effective ‘one and only’ original ammonium polyphosphate product, Exolit AP allows customers to comply with the most stringent fire protection classifications with their intumescent formulations.

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