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Functionality and Safety Grade for Laser Marking from Ticona

Requirements for documentation and traceability of products are continuously increasing. This means that not only numbers, text, logos and codes, but also operating symbols, have to be marked on plastic parts. Laser marking has become established as a high-quality, productive and extremely flexible technology. The process allows cost-efficient precision placement of marks and letters on virtually any material and article geometry. With a computer controlled laser marking system, the challenge of providing complete product traceability through individual identification of each component can be met.

In comparison with conventional engraving, embossing, etching or printing methods, marking with a laser beam is more flexible as many fonts can be stored, faster, can even be used on curved and textured surfaces, is reliable, requires no drying and is abrasion resistant.

The Celanex 2404 MT 20/9107 grade combines high performance tribological and laser marking properties. Its specific laser markable colour is based on the Grade Celanex 2404 MT that fulfils all requirements of the healthcare market, starting with food contact compliance, tested biocompatibility up to a DMF-listing with a fixed formulation. Celanex 2404 MT 20/9107 is a white material which can be laser marked with dark grey letters with lasers at a wall length of 355 mm.

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