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ENGEL AUSTRIA and PLASTISUD: Joint Venture for China

To meet the specific needs of the Chinese market more effectively in future, the mould manufacturer PLASTISUD has joined forces with ENGEL AUSTRIA, the producer of injection moulding machines, to form a joint venture. Under the name of Green Cap, they are offering turnkey solutions for the production of sealing caps for water and soft drinks containers in China.

Around the globe, demand for caps and closures is expanding by around five percent per year – and China is the world's largest market in terms of volume. The world's most populous country is imposing increasingly stringent requirements on packaging products and their manufacture: the weight of packaging needs to be reduced, quality needs to be raised and uncompromising performance must be delivered with maximum energy efficiency. ‘The Chinese market is very demanding. Chinese customers request nothing but the bes’, emphasises Walter J. Jungwirth, Director New Business Development, ENGEL AUSTRIA. ‘Green Cap is the best way for us to address this trend. We are offering maximum output and quality while optimising the cost structure for our customers’, says Jean-Luc Giraud, CEO, PLASTISUD. ‘By bringing two family owned market leaders together, we want to amalgamate a unique wealth of experience in plastic closure moulds and highly efficient injection moulding machines to provide the Chinese market with a simple but very efficient plastic cap solution’, adds Giraud. The aim of the two companies is not only to deliver innovative technologies, but also to offer an economically viable solution to plastics processing companies in China.

An all-electric ENGEL e-cap 3440/420 injection moulding machine with a 96-cavity mould made by PLASTISUD makes nearly 130,000 sealing caps per hour, reaching a cycle time faster than 2.8 seconds. With cycle times of under 3 seconds and injection speeds of up to 460 mm per second, ENGEL's all-electric e-cap injection moulding machine is designed to handle the highest output rates with maximum efficiency. Green Cap total solutions promise energy consumption of just 0.75 kWh per kilogram of granules. The system solutions save cooling water as well as electricity, thus making a lasting contribution to environmental protection. Other features of the production systems include robust and hard-wearing components, high process reliability and maximum availability. Green Cap solutions come with 32 to 96 cavities moulds as standard along with machine clamping force of 200 to 420 tonnes; as a further option, 500 tonne machines are available.

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