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Sound Acoustic Projects in Mumbai Benefit from Plazit’s PMMA Sheets

JP Plaschem provides Plazit’s PMMA sheets that successfully serve as acoustic damping elements in sound acoustic projects completed at Bandra Kurla Complex (Mumbai) and Dahisar Flyover (Mumbai).

Founded in 1973, Plazit is today one of the leading companies in plastic extrusion industry. With plants located across Israel, Bulgaria, Russia, Spain and Chile; Plazit’s product portfolio includes extruded plastic sheets from a wide range of materials, including PMMA, PC, GPPS, HIPS, SAN; all produced and cut on the most advanced machinery operated by skilled teams. The Plazit products find wide acceptance across Western and Eastern Europe, U.S.A., South and Central America, Australia, New Zealand and now India too.

Plazit Iberica (Girona / Spain) is a subsidiary of Israeli plastic sheet extruder Plazit 2001 (Kibbutz Gazit; and has developed ‘Plazcast SMR’ transparent acrylic sheets for installation as acoustic damping elements along bridges.

Marketed in India by JP Plaschem Ltd., Plazit’s PMMA sheets are successfully deployed in the sound acoustic projects completed at Bandra Kurla Complex (Mumbai) and Dahisar Flyover (Mumbai).

High in Quality, Unique in Design
Complying with current European regulations, should damage occur to a sheet, the design prevents slivers that may cause injuries to people or vehicles below. The sheet design is based on a cast acrylic with embedded metal wires. These stainless steel wires can be supplied in rod or cable design and provide a contrast that deters birds from colliding with them.

The company said that tests made under UV exposure and water immersion have shown that the visual contrast does not fade, as acrylic and stainless steel maintain their properties without UV deterioration or humidity effects under harsh weather conditions. Thermal cyclic tests in temperatures ranging from -50°C to 90°C have also been undertaken with no damage to the acrylic metal matrix. The sheets are available in two versions – a combination of metal wires and metal rods or metal rods only. They are supplied from 15mm to 25mm thickness; 3,000mm length and 2,000mm wide.

Plazit offers compact, embossed and multi wall sheets in various thicknesses, colours and designs to suit customer’s individual requirements.

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